An introduction

The Sundays River Valley Collaborative (SRVC) is a non-profit organization serving as a platform for dialogue and collaboration among all relevant stakeholders in the Sundays River Valley community. Sundays River Valley is both local municipality and a vibrant agricultural and economic region comprising numerous small farming towns in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. The Collaborative’s goals are to pursue inclusive well-being / improved quality of life for all in the Valley

What is the Sundays River Valley Collaborative?

The Sundays River Valley Collaborative (SRVC) is a response to problems and challenges that have been experienced in the Sunday’s River Valley (SRV) over the last number of years. Among these are:

  • Excessive socio-economic and economic inequalities
  • Limited capacity of local government
  • Limited productive inclusion and participation of locals in the local economy
  • Under-utilization of local human resources
  • The effects of the seasonal nature of the Citrus Industry
  • The dependency of the SRV on one industry, being the Citrus Industry
  • Under-utilization of local assets and opportunities for local economic development and
  • Rapid expansion of the sector economy that brought wanted and unwanted consequences

In response to these challenges the SRVC provides a multi-sector platform for collaboration among all relevant stakeholders to pursue an improved quality of life for all in the SRV on an inclusive basis.

  • Bring people together to dialogue, learn to solve problems jointly and to collaborate
  • To facilitate collaboration that includes communities, civil society, government, and the business   sector
  • To encourage and facilitate a multi-sector co-responsible and collaborative approach to local development
  • Solve the problem of exclusion and development failure in a constructive non-confrontational way
  • To be a flexible, changeable, response to a changing context

The SRVC logo

The logo of the Sundays River Valley Collaborative takes inspiration from the spekboom, a hardy plant native to this part of South Africa known for its amazing abilities to purify the air. Just like the spekboom, the SRVC wants act as a force for good removing the impediments to growth and development and creating a healthier and more positive environment for the people of the Sundays River Valley.

shapes and colours illustrating the diverse nature of the people and communities of the valley. A hand forms the trunk of the spekboom with each finger symbolising a different facet of the SRVC approach.

  • Thumb: Focus on effectiveness. A hand without a thumb is powerless and useless.
  • Index Finger: Points direction, towards constructive and collaborative development. 
  • Middle Finger: Respect to all covers our essential human values and feelings. 
  • Ring Finger: Symbolises purpose, dedication, and self improvement. 
  • Little Finger: All Contributions Count, this is the essence of the Collaborative.

The Sundays River Valley Collaborative is a non-profit organization aimed at achieving inclusive socio-economic development in the Sundays River Valley.


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Kirkwood, Sundays River Valley, South Africa

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