NukaKamma: Developing Hospitality Skills in the SRV.

The brain-child of Laurence Armand, owner of Addo African Home and Molo Lolo restaurant in Addo, the NukaKamma Talent Development Centre is to be a new world-class training centre to develop hospitalty sector skills that will enable the SRV tourism sector to reach a new level, and for a wealth of new employment opportunities to be realised for the youth of the valley.

The NukaKamma Talent Development Centre Programme will see the creation of a hub for tourism and hospitality training and new venture creation.

Laurence, affectionately known by locals as ‘Lolo’, is the founder and CEO of the Molo Lolo Group established in South Africa in 2012. In 2016, Laurence established an ecolodge, Addo African Home in the town of Addo, located next to the national park.

Since 2018, Addo African Home has welcomed trainees from South Africa and France to work at the Molo Lolo restaurant in Addo to learn from professional chef’s from France. So far 20 trainees have benefited from training by 5 professional chefs. The NukuKamma Talent Development Centre will expand on this, providing world-class hospitality sector training and serving as a hub for other exciting initiatives.

The centre will see the creation of a hub for tourism and hospitality training and new venture creation. The Programme includes a number of sub-projects, which will collectively support the growth of the tourism industry in the Sunday’s River Valley, while also providing support to other industries and establishing circular economies that straddles various sectors.

The founders of NukuKamma are Molo Lolo, The SRVC, and Africa Ignite NPC.

Africa Ignite NPC are a multi-award wininng rural development agency who will be introducing their well-recognised and highly replicable sustainable tourism model in Addo, which includes a WOWBIZ business development support centre, a WOWAFRICA Marketplace and a craft hub. These three businesses will work in collaboration with, and on the NukaKamma campus, thus providing a career path for those graduates who wish to pursue their own businesses. In addition, Africa!Ignite will support enterprise and skills development for craft and tourism entrepreneurs from the local communities, all of whom will contribute to a new, vibrant tourism offering in the area.

The SRVC is excited to be a part of this initiative, and will play the role of liason with the local community and assist with forming strong relationships with local stakeholders in the local tourism sector, public sector, and broader business community. The SRVC will also seek to work within communities to identify prospective students and assist with identification of local business opportunities and enterpreneurs who might benefit from the services on offer through NukaKamma.

A number of key local and international partners and project funders have already been secured, these include: The Centre de Formation D’Apprentice de la Gastronomie, French Embassy of South Africa, TUI Care Foundation, SANPARKS, and The Co-Op Community Trust.

The project is in the final phases of planning, but additional funding is still required to make NukaKamma a reality. As such all prospective partners / funders are encouraged to contact Lolo for more information on how they can support this initiative.

For more information please contact Lolo directly at 062 196 6459 or email

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