SRVC Closing the Gap in Skills Development.

The Adult Skills Action Team has been doing stellar work to address the skills development gap in the valley, working with stakeholders in the local citrus industry such as the Citrus Academy and training providers Scientific Roots to identify candidates for training courses.

In the past, training providers encountered significant challenges in identifying candidates for citrus industry training courses, especially unemployed candidates. For the citrus industry to thrive in the valley, it is critical that not only those who are in employment get access to skills development opportunities, but also that unemployed persons get access to opportunities to skill themselves to meet the needs of the industry.

The SRVC’s Adult Skills Action Team has been active in working within the local communities in the valley to raise awareness around skills development opportunities and identify candidates for these programmes, going so far as to assist in coordinating dates and assisting with arranging skills development sessions.

The work of the Action Team has been noted by all parties involved. The SRVC management would like to congratulate the Action Team’s consistent and passionate efforts in helping to address skills development in the valley.

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